Ibn Arabi and his repentance

Ibn Arabi and his repentance

a) Imaam Hafidh ad-Dahabi said regarding Wahdatul Wajoodi Ibn Arabi.

“He commented many things for Tasawwuf of Ahlul wahdah (wahdatul wajood) and The worst of his books is Kitaab al-Fusoos, if this book does not contain Kufr, then Kufr does not exist in the world.”

b) Then he said: 
I say : if Muhiyudeein (Ibn Arabi) had returned from his sayings before his death, then he is successful.”

[Seyar Ailam an-Nubala under the biography of Ibn Arabi]

Comment: So for Imam ad-Dahabi Wahdat ul Wajoodis are deviants, rather the book “al-Fusoos” contains kufr. And If by chance Ibn Arabi recanted from his positions like Wahdatul wajood then he succeeded as Allah loves repentance. DEOBANDIS do not have courage to say “Al-Fusoos” includes kufr.

Almost same was said by Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, as he wrote a letter to Nasr al Manjabi who was follower of Ibn Arabi.

Allama Ataullah Hanif Bhojiani as-Salafee said that Ibn Taymiyyah said: “I had good opinion regarding Ibn Arabi and i used to respect him because his book Futuhaat al Makkiyah has good things in it. But I had not seen Fusus al Hikam at that time, after reading this i came to know about his reality.

[Majmoo Rasaail wal Masaail 1/171] after that he refuted the quotes in Fusus al Hikam and said: Allah Tala knows on which (aqeedah) he died

(Majmoo Rasail wal Masaail page 174) [taken from Hayaat Shaykh al Islam by Abu Zahrah, footnote by Ata ullah Hanif Bhojiyani page 516]

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