Ashraf Ali Rasoolullah

Disciple of Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanwi wrote to him that in a dream, he read the Kalima in the following manner, “Laa ilaaha illallaaah Ashraf Ali Rasoolullah”. He wished to recite the Kalima correctly but this was the only thing coming out of his mouth.

When he awoke, he read Darood Shareef in the following words, “Allah huma Salle alaa Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Ashraf Ali.”

The disciple was now in a predicament because he was not dreaming anymore but was awake and in a state of consciousness.

Molvi Ashraf Ali replied to him, “There is satisfaction in this incident because the person who you are turning to [i.e. Molvi Ashraf Ali] is the follower of the Sunnah by the help of Allah (S.W.T). (Molvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Risaala Al-Imdaad, page 34-35, 1136 H (Month of Safar), Imdad Al-Mutabe, Thana Bhawan Publication)

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