Imdaadullah Muhaajir Makkee – Seeking Waseelah (Intercession) Via the Dead

Seeking Waseelah (Intercession) Via the Dead

In order to understand this belief we present the statement of the Deobandee Elder Shaikh and a major scholar in his own right from the scholars of Deoband. Khaleel Ahmad Saharanpooree writes, “According to us and our Mashaykh (scholars) it is permissible to use the waseelah (Intercession) of the Prophets, auliyaa, the martyrs and the Siddeeqeen, during their lives or after their deaths. By saying “Oh Allaah by the Waseelah (Intercession) of such and such respected person, we want the acceptance of our invocations and the removal of our calamities.” (al-Muhannad A’la Mufannad (pg.7)

He further wrote “Our honorable elders Akaabir Murshid al-Arab Wal-Ajam Hadhrat Haajee Imdaadullah Saahib Muhaajir Makkee, Shaikh al-Mashaiykh Qutb-e-Aalim Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Saahib Gangohee and Hakeem al-Ummat Hadhrat Maulana Shah Muhammad Ashraf Thanwee Saahib Quds-Surrah have authored lineage’s (of the Soofee Tareeqahs) of their revered elders in which they have included the names of the people they used to use as intercessors.” (al-Muhannad A’la Mufannad (pg.7)

So here seeking waseelah through the dead has been established for Imdaadullah Makki.

Imdaadullaah who is known as the Murshid al-Arab Wal-Ajam. Writes some poetry in which he calls his teacher Shaah Noor Muhammad by saying, “There is only support of your essence in this world, There is absolutely no plea to anyone other than to you, but It will be the day of judgement when God is the Judge,  I will hold your shirt and say open manifestly, Oh Shah Noor Muhammad it is the time of Imdaad (Help)’ (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.84)

So this is the affair of Imdaadullah Muhajir, clearly his beliefs are contrary to the fundamental teachings of Islam. This is not one mistake that can be over looked but there are many and as we mentioned.

A dear brother by the name Hussain/Khurram left a comment which clearly showed he was angry or upset.  You mentioned some points which were very trivial and as we highlighted in the previous part it was a case of just showing the mindset and thinking. For example in the year 2001 and some years after that a whole conference was organised in india in Refuting the Ahlul Hadeeth and all sorts of false allegations. The same conference was organised and replicated in England Birmingham under the banner of “Tahafuz-e-Sunnat” ie a conference in preserving the Sunnah when yet the whole conference was about ridiculing the Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah and the Sunnah, the Ahlul Hadeeth and the good righteous scholars like Shaikh Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz and Shaikh Muhammad Naasir ud deen al-Albaanee. At the same time numerous hate fuelled books and treatises were given out free. We never got angry or annoyed nor did we have a huff and a puff. The reality is sometimes we have to approach these issues with an open mind.

Rather then getting upset all of us should seek clarity and help the muslims in ridding our community of these bad and corrupt beliefs so that our future generations can be free of any false beliefs which may lead them astry as opposed to us just getting all angry and wound up. This is our deen something we have to die upon so we dont take these issues lightly.

The point being we should free ourselves from bigotry and partisanship open our minds and research the truth without blindly following personalities and eloquent speakers. Insulting remarks will not benefit yourself nor us. Lastly we wish good for you and all the Muslims. We hope people see that the aqeedah of Imdaadullah Makki was not the basic Sunni Aqeedah and hence clarifications are necessary more so for those who profess love and promote Imdaadullah Makki.


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