Imdaadullaah Muhaajir Makkee – The Aqeedah of Seeking Help From Other Than Allaah

The Aqeedah of Seeking Help From Other Than Allaah

Imdaadullaah Muhaajir Makkee used to say, “Yaa Muhammad (Oh Muhammad) we plea to you, Oh beloved of Allaah we plea to you, I am in extreme difficulty nowadays, Oh my remover of difficulties I am pleading to you.” (Munaajibaat Naala’e Imadaad Ghareeb pg.32)

Imdaadullaah Muhajir Makki also said, “I certainly gained benefit from the graves of my Shaikhs just as I did in their lifetime.” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah  pg.81)

These 2 statements of Imdaadullah Makki show how he asked the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu alayhee Wasallam) for help and to remove his difficulties and how he held it was permissible to go to the graves of his teachers and benefit from them. It is apparent he must have only benefitted from them as he would in their lifetime by asking them for help.  The statement of Yaa Muhammad we plea to you is sufficient to elucidate a shirkee concept.


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