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Al-Ghazali being with the Prophets on the night of Mi’raj

Al-Ghazali being with the Prophets on the night of Mi’raj 

In “Imdad ul Mushta” p 95-96, story n° 181, it is written:

“It is told that on the night of Mi’raj, when Aan Hazrat (Sallallahu Alyahi Wasallam) met Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Musa (‘aley salam) asked: “How can your saying: “The scholars of my community are like the Prophets of Bani Israil” be true?” Hazrat Hujjat ul Islam Imam Al-Ghazali appeared and he said Salam with the addition of “wa Barakatuhu wa Maghfiratuhu” and others. Hazrat Musa (aley salam) asked: “Why do you use such long words in front of elders?” and Imam al-Ghazali replied: “Allah only asked you: “What is this in your right hand O Musa?” and you gave such a long answer: “This is my stick, I lean on it, I conduct my beasts with it and it is also for other purposes.” Aan Hazrat (Sallallahu Alyahi Wasallam) said: “Be polite O Ghazali”

Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote (justifying this blasphemy): In notes: “This must be the Kashf of a saint, and this Mi’raj in which this dialogue occurred appeared to him through Kashf, (this Mi’raj) in which the souls gathered and it is not the Mi’raj of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alyahi Wasallam) with his body…”


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Ikhwaan, if this is not blasphemy I don’t know what is. The reason I avoid commenting on posts is; lest I harm the deobandhi reader by my anger. The deobandhis venerate such a person!! 

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Deobandis Inviting Indira Gandhi – The Rector of Dar al-Uloom Deoband in 1980

Deobandis Inviting Indira Gandhi – The Rector of Dar al-Uloom Deoband in 1980

by Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

we understand why the institutes do it in India in this era with this current day concept of social cohesion and this neo-con agenda in globalisation etc etc and some of our Ahlul Hadeeth have fallen into this badly and it is INCORRECT and may Allaah rectify their affairs Ameen, but what problems were there in 1980 when Qari Tayyab, the rector of Dar al-Uloom Deoband had to invite the Mushrikah Indira Gandhi to their Deobandi Madrassah for their 100 anniversary. Although she never went, she did however go at a later invitation.

Indira Gandhi



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