Listed below is every single article from this website.

  1. Ganghoi showing affection to Nanotwi
  2. Falsehood in Fadha’il ‘Amaal, Fadha’il Zikr
  3. Ganghoi never took a breathe except after consulting the prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) for 12 years
  4. The Deobandis in the World of Dreams
  5. Important Personalities amongst theDeobandis and the Jamaat Tableegh
  6. Truth is only, what is uttered by the tongue of Rasheed Ahmad
  7. An-Nabbahanni said in Jami Karamat ul Awliya
  8. Tahreef of Allaah’s Attributes – Changing the Meaning
  9. Ta’weel of Allaah’s Attributes – Figurative Interpretation
  10. Ashraf Alee Thanvee & Aqeedah Of Deoband – Built Upon Concocted Lies!!!
  11. Ashraf Ali Thanvi – Muraaqabah At The Graves
  12. Statements of Deobandee Hanafee Scholars on Jamaat ut-Tableegh
  13. Shaykh Hammaad Al-Ansaari on Jamaatut-Tableegh
  14. Muhibullaah Sindhee On 786 & teaching The Sunnah to Taqi Usmani
  15. Step by Step Guide on How to Leave Salaah (Namaaz)
  16. Recipe for Zina from Deoband
  17. Deobandi’s and Black Magic
  18. Salaf us-Saliheen Were Not Muqallids WITH PROOFS
  19. Imam Abu Dawood Did Not Do Taqleed
  20. Insults to the Quran
  21. Innovations in Wudu
  22. Four Rakaat Sunnah before Isha is proof less

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