Recipe for Zina from Deoband

deobandi refutation bahisti zevar

Now we take the following from this ruling of molana ashraf ali thanvi in bahishti zevar:

1) A person has intercourse with Some one else’s wife. This is called Zina in any language but this book ‘Bahishti Zevar’ says it should not be called Zina.

2) He will have to give her Mahr ul mithl as well which is a part of Nikaah.

3) The child that is born with this zina shall not be called Haraami (Bastard).

4) Then when the man realises (“Aray ye tu meri biwi nahi hai/Oh she isnt my wife”), then he should stop having intercourse with her and leave her.

5) The woman however must now observe Iddah and she cannot go back to her husband without the Iddah after having done zina.

How on earth can some one having intercourse with some one’s wife not be termed as Zina? How on earth is Mahrul Mithl applicable and given to the one that u had zina with? And how on earth is that child born not illegitimate? What shall i call this….? I cant help but call this a recipe for Zina. What was the woman doing all this time? Was she mistaken as well?

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