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Dirty Pornographic Stories From “Al-Mathnawi” Translated by Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Ashraf Ali Thanvi translated this story and explained it after in his explanation of “Mathnawi” entitled “Kaleed e Mathnawi” v 17-18 p 214 Daftar 5, this story reads:

“A slave woman lied a donkey on her
Because of the increase and intensity of desire

She made this male donkey used to intercourse
The donkey learned the intercourse of human beings

This woman who knew tricked used a stick
And she attached to the penis of the donkey in a certain manner

She linked this stick to the penis of the donkey
In a way that only half of the penis would penetrate

If the penis was to enter fully
This would break the vagina and intestines

The donkey was becoming thin and weak
And his mistress was worried why he was becoming weak

She showed this donkey to veterinary doctors
So to know why he was becoming weak

They could not find any disease
None could be aware of this secret

She started to inquire
And started to get ready for this…

When she started to spy the donkey
She saw that the slave woman was under and the donkey on her

She was looking this from hole in the door
So this old mistress liked this action

The donkey was doing intercourse with the slave woman
In the same way as men would do with women

She (mistress) felt jealous, she said when such is possible
Then I deserve this more because I am the owner of the donkey”

To read this scan in Urdu Click Here

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